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Copious material has been written on Leadership and Leadership styles and am sure we all have read most of what's out there. So why read one more article on the subject?

Well let me give you ONE Reason to read on:

Starting today YOU will wish to be The Un-Empowering Leader!!!

Many of you would have been at training workshops and/or attended sessions by "guru's" who have said that as leaders you must empower teams/employees so that they feel engaged. And that this engagement policy would help them be more productive thus helping your department's/company's productivity or creativity etc. etc. and even win you and the company awards as 'the best leader', 'best employer', 'most empowered workplace' and so on.... And am sure many of you have won such awards so then Why Change Now?

But just pause! Think of how much "Need Sucking"* has taken place in your own desire to be a leader who empowers his/her team. "Need Sucking" is taking away someone's own Emotional Drive* such as that of "Achievement" to satisfy your own Emotional Drive possibly that of "Significance" as you become the recipient of the award/recognition. In your wanting to achieve your goal are you really empowering? Or Imposing on that person(s) a forced action which may not be a core emotional driver for him/her but, would have no choice, as your team member/employee to 'Feel' Empowered.

Now suppose you were to move away from Empowering Leadership to being an Un-Empowering Leader?

What changes would you have to make in your actions that would transform you? And if you did change, how will that impact the people in your team/employees and how will it impact the Organization as a whole? And yes, more importantly - What type of new Leader should you transform into?

The new Leader is one who pushes for "Ownership" amongst each and every team member/employee of the organization. If all team members/employees were to own the Word "OWNERSHIP" of the role/job they had to perform then each of them would be working towards satisfying their Emotional Drivers. You, as the Leader, would then be a Facilitator in navigating them towards meeting their own individual goals and satisfying their emotional drivers. Thus, collectively moving towards achievement of organization goals and objectives.  

 As "OWNERSHIP" becomes imbibed by people, You as a Leader will start to celebrate their success and as you do that, your own primary Emotional Drivers* begin to get addressed. Leading you and the organization to greater success.

An Empowered Leadership style making way for an Un-Empowering Leader!

"Leadership: It's .....being a Facilitator and Celebrating Someone Else's Success" keyur thakore

[*There our Eight Primary Human Emotional Drivers, of which 3 are Primary Drivers which make each of us act and react to the same things in different ways. If you wish to learn the positive ways to use Need Sucking and how the knowledge of Emotional Drivers can benefit you as a Leader please write to keyur@ktaglobal.com or call +919821096930) www.ktaglobal.com ]




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