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Millennials have made up the majority of our workforce since 2013. This startling  fact leads us to the realisation that millennials will soon take on, and in some cases already are in, leadership roles. As the millennial generation is poised to move into its prime spending years as well as become a major force in businesses, it is worth considering the type of leadership values and style it will espouse.

As we know, millennials are socially conscious, competitive and confident. They also seek more meaning and purpose to life in both work and play. They tend to want to explore internal motivations and develop higher purpose so that they can achieve greater fulfilment and enjoyment at work. They are not prepared to work in the way that previous generations have and wealth and power rarely motivates them. Rather, finding alignment between personal, business and global motivations is likely to be higher on their agenda.

Within the corporate environment, they respond well to responsibility and enjoy being given autonomy at an early stage in their careers. They are keen to make a positive impact, not only within the company but also on a wider scale. Unlike previous generations, they do not respond well to strict hierarchical structures which they find confining, they are great believers in agility, innovation and adhere to the fail-fast approach to business.

From a leadership perspective, we could well be on the cusp of some really exciting developments, particularly if organisations focus on meshing current leadership expertise with the millennials’ visionary approach, which couples social responsibility with “good enough is good enough”.

As it stands, many leaders these days tend to be so attached to a preconceived view of what the work environment looks like with its blame culture and fear of failure that it can be hard to grasp the speed and scale with which this environment is changing. Millennials already grasp this transformational shift which is why a combined approach should lead to exciting new business dynamics where risk taking is endemic and the fear of failing to seize opportunities is the driver.

Those leaders who readily hand over the reins, pass on their expertise and maintain support to this next generation will doubtless learn new ways of tackling old challenges. The benefits will only become apparent however if everyone keeps an open mind to a more visionary and more fast-paced style of leadership

This article was published on http://daviddumeresque.blogspot.in/

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