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That is what we have been hearing from the Republican front runner Donald Trump at every debate.....is it true that everything can be negotiated?  Then why have we not been able to negotiate peace between the Korean neighbors  or have lasting peace between Israel and Palestine...... and we see more conflict today than possibly ever before peace negotiators first started "negotiations".

So then have negotiations failed or have the negotiators failed? . 

Let us say that Donald Trump is correct - he says 'the US of A needs a leader who knows how to strike deals'. Its like the proverbial saying...."everyone and everything has a price" ...we just need to find what the "price" is.   Unfortunately for a majority the word "open to negotiate" brings forth all the negatives associates with the word "negotiation" implying "wheeling & dealing".   Is that what it really is?  Are Negotiators "wheelers & dealers"?  

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Does Negotiation really have to be about wheeling and dealing to get things done or get what one wants? Is there a way to look at Negotiation as "THE ART of POSSIBILITIES"  - now did that strike a positive cord with you? It did right?.

That is what we at KTA believe and practice. The way we execute our executive search assignments to the training/workshops we conduct - Its all about howeach one of us has the Possibility to Go Beyond what we ourselves believe is achievable.

Trump has faced criticism for advocating "Negotiation" maybe he needs a new speech writer - if Only he had said "Everything has a Possibility, even Peace!!".

In my next article I shall tread deeper into this subject and the innovative workshop that KTA has put together on "The Art of Possibilities" where even peace will get a chance to have its say. So between now and the next article, if GOP has trump"ed" Trump from being the nominee (good or bad as that maybe) we must surely thank him for making this topic Possible!.

This article was published on linkedIn

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