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Within the Technology Practice we address the full spectrum of technologies and platforms, from hardware form factors, “up the stack” through operating systems, networking, the software application layer and finally the various content being hosted.  More specifically, we have domain expertise in the following: semi-conductor and computing, networks and communications, systems and software, consulting and services, digital and social media, e- and m-commerce, online and mobile, cloud and datacentre, business intelligence and big data.

Our clients span OEMs, system integrators, value added resellers, managed and outsourced technology service suppliers, business process service providers and those content creators using technology as a distribution platform. Our deep knowledge of the vendor sector is matched by our experience of how technology is used by CIOs and CTOs in businesses, and by end users and consumers in an increasingly BYOT, converging and mobile world.

Technology is ubiquitous in all aspects of our everyday work and life.  Product life cycles continue to shorten, disruptive technologies abound and significant new players change the whole way that technology is deployed and used, whether by businesses or consumers. At the same time, technology is a key enabler for companies and is now often core to the provision of their products and services.

At the Tinzon Group we have recruited for the Board, CXO and functional heads for clients ranging from the largest global businesses to private equity backed, early stage ventures and small private businesses wanting to grow rapidly. As the technology sector has grown and expanded, more recent titles have been added to the Technology functional spectrum.  Titles including Chief Digital Officer, Chief Revenue Officer (in the online advertising-based model), as well as Chief Security Officer and the cyber security sub-function, are good examples. Our Technology Practice is keenly aware of the dynamic nature of our sector, and we are committed to remaining at the leading edge of technology’s evolution.

We maintain a constant interest in the rapid evolution and often revolution of the technology sector and the implications for our clients.  We track the leadership talent in this field to ensure that we find the best people for our clients, who will go on to make a quick and material contribution to their businesses.