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Life Sciences

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In the Life Sciences practice group, Tinzon Group consults companies from the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, including generic drugs and OTC
  • Diagnostics, Dialysis, Transfusion Medicine, CRO
  • Medical Technology, Medical Services
  • Supply Industry, Plant Engineering and Construction for the above

The Life Sciences market is shaped by strong consolidations caused by international mergers or a focus on core areas of expertise. At the same time, diversifications occur, in the shape of investments by classical pharmaceutical companies in biotechnology companies or the generics’ sector. Further, public reform processes are leading to a fall in global prices and changing prescription requirements, resulting in an increasingly key role of the generic drugs and OTC producers. Opportunities and risks are closely linked; thus some biotechnology companies meet or exceed expectations, but many fail.

As a management consultancy firm, we must adapt to these particular requirements in order to make the right personnel decisions for executive and specialist positions. Areas of expertise span from basic research to marketing, to outsourced contract manufacturing. Legal aspects also play a key role here: from intellectual property / patent protection to licensing, product liability and litigation risks.

When put together, these factors lead to particular requirements for leadership talent within the field of Life Sciences. They are: a strategic and international outlook; developing and communicating vision; interdisciplinary and trans-frontier investment and project management; portfolio-, budget- and risk-management; and a high sensitivity to quality.

Members of Tinzon Group have been successfully serving renowned companies in the Life Sciences sector for many years. Our clients trust our expertise and experience, and benefit from our wealth of contacts and knowledge within the market.