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The energy sector is heavily regulated and influenced by intense market and competitive pressures. Currently the industry is experiencing rapid change, requiring our clients, more than ever, to recruit and develop talent that can create value and make their mark in the sector.

Powered by the transformation to a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy, cleantech is transforming corporations, technology and business models on a wide scale. Moreover, numerous countries are embracing national renewable energy strategies to position themselves for economic competitiveness and growth. 


Alternative sources of energy and improved technologies allowing exploration & production activities to go further, deeper and faster than ever before are only a few realities driving the energy sector into new frontiers. Impacted by commodity price volatility, liberalisation, government deregulation and a multitude of stakeholder interests, the energy sector often operates between a rock and a hard place.

Demographics are among the major challenges when searching for talent to many parts of the energy sector. The sector is looking for leadership talent that can exercise decisive leadership and drive organisations to superior results in challenging market conditions.

Our consultants bring a wealth of personal experience searching within different areas of the energy sector and are closely attuned to energy trends. We maintain a comprehensive network and strong industry insights enabling us to recruit highly skilled leaders, managers and specialists to the sector.

We divide our Energy practice into the following sub sectors:

•    Energy upstream & midstream (oil & gas exploration, wind, solar, etc.)
•    Energy downstream (refining, storage  & distribution)
•    Utilities
•    Mining
•    Energy Services

Clean Technology

Climate change, urbanisation, rapid growth in developing countries and depletion of resources has created opportunities for the cleantech industry. Innovative new companies have emerged to drive growth based on clean and sustainable technologies.

Solar/PV power generation has matured in recent years, having begun in Germany, and spread across Europe, with robust government-subsidised expansion of installed PV base in countries like Spain.  Retrenchment due to EU economic downturn more recently has slowed adoption.  Meanwhile, PV manufacturing has migrated from the US to lower cost manufacturing geographies, particularly mainland China, which currently dominates PV manufacturing. In addition carbon caps and trading, led by EU countries like the UK, has impacted the adoption of wind, biofuels and energy storage technologies.

All of these developments have led to the need to find executive talent from a wide range of sector backgrounds, including advanced materials/materials sciences, chemistry, polymers, semiconductor, biotech and oil & gas.

Our clients are demanding entrepreneurial and technically skilled individuals who have the ability to transfer competencies in organisational leadership, production up-scaling, business development, supply chain and marketing/sales. Whether we are searching for a specialist, manager or leadership role, we are often searching for talented people who have worked in rapidly growing companies and who are agile, assertive and culturally diverse.